Notice anything different?


Have you noticed a difference in our church website???  Mobile has overtaken desktop as the primary device people use to access the internet.  Many people are also using tablets. Websites need to be easily view-able on different sizes of devices. Now our website can detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. It is called responsive design and we now have a website that is simple, with a nice fresh look and feel… while also providing easy navigation.  Enjoy!

Congratulations to our Grads

During our worship service this morning we honored our graduates.  Colton Medema and Lydia Dykstra graduated from Central Wisconsin Christian High School last Friday, McKenna Klein will be graduating from Fall River High School on June 3 at 8:00 PM; and  Isaiah Yaroch, Kayla Foulk,  Jonathan Slager, and Rachel Gramlow will be graduating from Beaver Dam High School on Sunday June 5th at 2 PM.

New Sermon Series….


“Fruit” is the natural result of growth. And “of the Spirit” explains exactly Who causes that growth—it’s not our striving or straining, but the power of the Holy Spirit. No amount of human toil or gritty determination can produce spiritual fruit, but the Spirit’s influence in a yielded heart can work miracles. The fruit of “love” may be the best example. We cannot produce the type of love God desires without the leading and strength of the Holy Spirit.