Prayer & Renewal


Inspire 2017 begins on Thursday and goes thru Sat in Detroit, Michigan. Pray for the Spirit’s anointing upon all those speaking and in attendance that it will light a new passion of renewal within our denomination and all our congregations!!!  Pray for Pastor Larry Meyer and his wife as they attend.

Inspire 2017 is an event put on by the Christian Reformed Church in North America intended to inspire, energize, inform, and pour into the volunteers and leaders in local churches. We have lots of new ideas for ministry, plenty of resources to share, new connections to make, great food, powerful worship, and plenty of relational support in store for every attendee!

Attendees, all in church ministry, will gather to worship, participate in learning sessions, wholesome conversation, and prayer, and will be surrounded by other believers all ready to support each other.

Consider this time together as a time of renewal. Hearing conversation about ministry, talking to folks trying experiments in their churches and communities, hearing stories of success and findings in failure, praying with people looking for a partner in ministry, and experiencing the goodness of God in someone’s story is planned to energize you. Our prayer for you is that you will be refreshed, energized, and inspired to do the work God has called you to and gifted you for in the place He has you.

Together, we’ll hear God speak, feel His love and grace, and experience His goodness!


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