Friday Men’s Breakfast Group


Join us at SunView Restaurant @ 6 AM every Friday for food, faith and fellowship.  

827 Park Ave

827 Park Ave, Beaver Dam, WI

Friday Morning


Each Friday Morning the men get together at 6:00 AM  for breakfast and an informal bible study at the Sunview Restaurant at 827 Park Ave, Beaver Dam, WI  Newcomers are always welcome! Open to the public.  Contact Bruce or Don for more information

Friendship Club


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??  It is our last meeting of Friendship Club for this season this coming Monday, May 15th at 6:30 pm.      

ice cream sundaeeThis is our Annual Talent Night, so all of our members come with a story to share, a medal or trophy they won, a song or something they made…to share with everyone! They also each bring their favorite Ice Cream Topping to build their own “Summer Sundae” treat to enjoy until we see each other again next Fall. (Ice Cream is provided).

Friendship Club is a ministry with people who have disabilities…either physical or cognitive.  It is a time of  song, prayer, a Bible story, games, crafts and fun!  Everyone is welcome to join us!  We meet monthly from September through May.   You will find this group can brighten your whole week!!!

Friendship Club ~ March 20

The purpose of the Friendship program is to nurture the spiritual growth of people with intellectual and physical disabilities in the context of personal and meaningful relationships. Here’s how it works:

Sessions often start in a large group with singing, sharing, and prayer.
Next, a Bible lesson is shared. This usually includes group participation, often in drama format.
This is followed by one-on-one time, where mentors and friends meet to discuss the Bible lesson and pray together. Often this time includes activities related to the Bible study.
Finally, the group gathers again for social time and a closing prayer or song.

We meet at 401 Stone Street on the third Monday of every month during the school year. JOIN US!!!