Christmas Worship Services



You, your family and friends are invited to join us on December 24th for our morning worship at 9:30 AM, which will include our Children’s Christmas Program and a Celebration of Communion. Then at 6:30 PM will be our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at the Faith Community Church.  There will be a message, Christmas music, including singing along to Christmas carols. Please join us for this special worship service that celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Thanksgiving Eve Worship


Joint Thanksgiving service with our “sister” church – Marshview Ministries at 103 South Cedar St, PO Box 86, Horicon, WI  •  MarshView Ministries has invited us to join them for Thanksgiving Eve Worship at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Roca de Salvacion (“Rock of Salvation”), the new Hispanic ministry that meets here, has also been invited.

Pie and ice cream will be served after worship.  If you’d like to bring a pie (or ice cream) that would be great but not necessary.

Join Us to Celebrate this Sunday!

Communion Full

What Does This Sacrament Mean?

While we “do this in remembrance” of the Lord, more is happening at the ­table than a mere remembering of what he has done for us. While no one can claim to fully understand the mystery of participation in Christ through this meal, the Belgic Confession (Art. 35) gives a thorough theological understanding of what the Lord’s Supper means for the life of the believer. A few key quotations:
“We believe and confess that our Savior Jesus Christ has ordained and instituted the sacrament of the Holy Supper to nourish and sustain those who are already regenerated and ingrafted into his family, which is his church. . . .

“Thus, to support the physical and earthly life, God has prescribed for us appropriate earthly and material bread, which is as common to all people as life itself. But to maintain the spiritual and heavenly life that belongs to believers, God has sent a living bread that came down from heaven: namely Jesus Christ, who nourishes and maintains the spiritual life of believers when eaten—that is, when appropriated and received spiritually by faith.

“To represent to us this spiritual and heavenly bread, Christ has instituted an earthly and visible bread as the sacrament of his body and wine as the sacrament of his blood. He did this to testify to us that just as truly as we take and hold the sacrament in our hands and eat and drink it with our mouths, by which our life is then sustained, so truly we receive into our souls, for our spiritual life, the true body and true blood of Christ, our only Savior. We receive these by faith, which is the hand and mouth of our souls. . . .

“Yet we do not go wrong when we say that what is eaten is Christ’s own natural body and what is drunk is his own blood—but the manner in which we eat it is not by the mouth, but by the Spirit through faith. . . .

“Finally, with humility and reverence we receive the holy sacrament in the gathering of God’s people, as we engage together, with thanksgiving, in a holy remembrance of the death of Christ our Savior, and as we thus confess our faith and Christian religion.”
In addition, the Scriptures indicate that the Lord’s Supper is a meal that symbolizes and effects the unity of believers in the congregation and at all times and places (1 Cor. 10:14-17). It also causes us to anticipate the coming of the Lord (1 Cor. 11:26).

It is clear, then, that in this meal we receive Christ and all his benefits by the mediation of the Holy Spirit through faith. This understanding of the sacrament should prompt us to celebrate it often (perhaps weekly, as John Calvin desired), and with appropriate joy, reverence, and faith.

In our church we usually receive the elements while seated in the congregation.  We usually celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month.

Sunday Sept. 10th

Potluck-DinnerOn Sunday September 10th we will have a Fall Kick-off event.  We will start the day by celebrating COMMUNION during our morning worship service.  Then bring a dish to pass and join us for the Fall Fellowship Potluck immediately after the Sunday morning worship service. The worship committee will be providing Sloppy Joes & hot Turkey sandwiches as well as beverages.