Children’s Christmas Program


Join us for our  traditional Children’s Christmas Program  on Sunday morning December 23 at 9:30 am.  Open to the public.




Do you, Faith Community Church, take this minister to have and hold from this day forward? And do you, the new minister take this church to have and hold from this day forward?

Quick–what do installation/ordination services have in common with weddings? Both are celebrated with reverence and exuberance. Both are centered around human promises that reflect the love and promises of God. Both are in season now! As wedding season fades, installation/ordination season peaks as Candidates are called and as other ministers take advantage of summer breaks to move their families.

Faith Community Church is thanking God for sending them a new minister. Now they are planning an Ordiantion service and want to celebrate the occasion with reverence and exuberance.

There are standard services and forms for Ordination/Installation, but as with weddings, the participants often want to put their own creative spin on the event while maintaining the best of traditions.

#1. Calling plays a significant part in connecting churches and pastors. One way to reflect the biblical tradition of calling is to use incidents of God calling Bible characters in the liturgy. Here’s a start, but don’t stop here. Think of other places in scripture that might apply more directly to the specific calling of the person being ordained or installed.

The voice of the Lord came to Samuel:

And he replied, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” (1 Sam. 3:10)

The voice of the Lord said to Isaiah: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for me?”

And he replied, “Here am I. Send me.” (Acts 8:30-31)

#2. Songs: What songs have you heard that would be great for these services? One favorite is Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Psalter Hymnal #2.

#3. Special People – Mentors, friends, former pastors and people who encouraged and supported along the way may often be included in an ordination service.

“In ordination the church recognizes the call of God and the call of God’s people on particularly gifted persons, so it sets aside and ordains them to serve on Christ’s behalf, equipping the saints for ministry. Minister of the Word is a denomination-wide office. Unlike elders and deacons, who ordinarily serve as volunteers, commissioned pastors and ministers of the Word are usually in ministry as their main vocation.

“Church members are involved in identifying, nominating, and selecting ordained leaders because we believe that, since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit works through the church to identify those called to lead.

“Ministers of the Word must have a master of divinity degree, except in very exceptional circumstances. They serve as congregational pastors as well as missionaries, chaplains, and professors, and in other approved specialized ministries. Once ordained, they are eligible for call throughout the denomination.

ccd4ef95a8c37c1ff6a3aaa83451ace3“In the ordination service of a minister, a celebration of the Lord’s Supper sometimes follows the vows, with the newly ordained minister administering the sacrament. That minister also gives God’s blessing to the congregation at the end of the worship service for the first time. Until then, he or she would offer a prayer for God’s blessing rather than proclaim the blessing on behalf of God to the people.

“Key elements are vows made by those being ordained, charges to the newly ordained and to the congregation or ministry they will serve, and prayers offered for both groups.

On Sunday October 7th we are pleased to have the Ordination & Communion Service for Pastor Jason Ruis, our new Pastor.  Join us won’t you?

Transition Team Update:


As we are seeking a new Pastor …Our Church Profile is completed and has been posted on the Internet at the following website:

In the March issue of “The Banner” (our denomination’s monthly magazine) the following ad is scheduled to appear:

Lead Pastor for smaller Vital, Outreaching & Welcoming church – Faith Community CRC, Beaver Dam, WI — 45 mi from Madison, WI & 10 mi from Christian Schools. Email Bruce McMurry or ph / text Bruce at 920-960-7524.

If you are aware of someone who might serve well as pastor of Faith Community, please encourage him to apply or give his name to Bruce McMurry (contact info above.)

Announcing Operation Ruby Slipper!

f580a604-21c4-41fb-9abe-512875b9ff25An opportunity for schools, youth groups, college clubs, and church groups to help hurricane survivors go home.

Can you believe it’s already been three months since people in the southern US and Puerto Rico were pounded by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria? Time marches on, but the urgency to help hasn’t subsided. Thousands of people are still displaced from their hurricane-damaged homes.

In situations like these, the teens and young adults in our churches and schools often feel like they have no way to help.

Perhaps your church has already done something to support the hurricane survivors; thank you! Think for a moment, were your youth directly involved?

World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) has created Operation Ruby Slipper so that teens and young adults can take action and help hurricane survivors get home.

Operation Ruby Slipper is a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that encourages youth to team up and raise money together by creating and promoting their own fundraising events. Team leaders can register their teams on our website——and funds raised will be directed to World Renew DRS, specifically for hurricane response.

The goal for the campaign is $100,000. This amount will help up to 25 families rebuild their homes. The campaign will be open from November 29, 2017, to March 9, 2018. Your team’s fundraiser can be a one-off event or an on-going campaign and can take place at any time during that timeframe.

Young people may not have a lot to give financially, but their energy and enthusiasm can work wonders. Will you encourage your students or youth group to participate?

More information is included in the video below and you can download our flyer here. Learn more and register a team event at


Don in Brazil…

Dear family & friends,
    I spent a beautiful day at Iguacu Falls. There was no rain in the morning and the sun came through, so we were able to walk along the falls on the Argentinian side. We walked about four miles to see the whole falls from one side to the other. I took several photos. I’m attaching one. While walking I saw several birds, including vultures. I was amazed to see swallows flying near the biggest part of the falls named Devil’s Throat. As we walked, we met many coatis, an animal that looks like a raccoon. If they smelled food in your bag, they would jump on you. Not a pleasant experience. Fortunately they didn’t smell the sandwiches I had in my bag.
   In the afternoon I took a boat road ride into one part of the falls called San Martin Island. They said we would get soaked. They were right since the boat went directly into the main flow of the falls. They did it twice to make sure no part of our bodies stayed dry. Even the extra set of clothes I put in my bag got soaked. I thought I had them in a water proof bag. Fortunately my camera and wallet got only a little wet. However, my passport faired a little worse. After going into the falls, we went down the rapids of Iguacu River for several miles. That definitely was a bumpy ride. Then we took a twenty minute ride through the jungle on the open bed of a truck to see more animals. However, the rain was pouring at that time, so got wetter without seeing anything but bush.
   Even though I got soaked, I’m glad I could see the awesome power of God displayed in the falls.
In Christ,
Don Slager
Don Slager – Bible Translation -Don has worked for the CEFL and CRWM on Bible translation, and is now a UBS translation consultant. The entire Bassa Bible was published in 2005. The New Testament was published in 1970. This was a 15-year+ project of translating into the language spoken by people in Liberia.   Don continues to work translating the Bible to various local languages in Liberia. He is currently attending a conference in Brazil.