Our Shared Ministry

Have you noticed the recent trend of sharing in our society? Instead of owning everything ourselves, it is now common to use ride-sharing programs such as Uber or to rent a vacation home through Airbnb. We can find financial backing for new business ventures through peer-to-peer lending platforms, and can even access our own share of organic produce by participating in community-supported agriculture.Food-studies

It seems that society has learned that there is value to sharing and working together. Not only is it more efficient than doing it on our own, but we can often do more and stretch our dollars further when we pool our resources.

This is something that the Christian Reformed Church has known for a long time. Since its earliest days, the CRC has encouraged congregations and members to combine their funds in order to provide shared ministry that benefits us all. This system is called ministry shares and is a stewardly and cost-effective way of providing a solid foundation for our denomination.

Each dollar you give supports life-changing ministries.



Bible League Retreat – Tuesday!

logo-high-resServing the under-resourced Church globally through the provision of Bibles, biblical resources, and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word.

For over 75 years Bible League International has been equipping the local church with God’s Word worldwide. Today we serve in six regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the U.S., equipping the under-resourced Church so they can reach their communities with the Gospel. Our ministry programs include our Project Philip evangelistic and discipleship Bible study; Bible-based Literacy; and Church Planter Training. Through these programs, people connect with Christ so their lives can be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

BIBLE LEAGUE RETREAT—TUESDAY Sept.19 from 9 AM—3 PM Location: First Reformed Church 422 West Franklin Street | Waupun, WI 53963

Jennie Afman Dimkoff is an international motivational speaker, trainer and storyteller, speaking for women’s retreats, conferences, on college campuses and for military wives and military personnel. She has a heart for God and a passion to win others to Christ. Musical Guests, New Generations will provide vocal entertainment during the daytime retreat. Kathleen Beekman will lead us in worship while Betty Kemink accom-panies on piano. There will be an offering for Bible League International’s ministry in Africa. Cost: $30 Deadline for registration is September 11, 2017  For more information, contact: Marlene Wierenga: 920-324-3013 | mwrnga@gmail.com

Contact Donna Meyer to carpool!

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Prayer & Renewal


Inspire 2017 begins on Thursday and goes thru Sat in Detroit, Michigan. Pray for the Spirit’s anointing upon all those speaking and in attendance that it will light a new passion of renewal within our denomination and all our congregations!!!  Pray for Pastor Larry Meyer and his wife as they attend.

Inspire 2017 is an event put on by the Christian Reformed Church in North America intended to inspire, energize, inform, and pour into the volunteers and leaders in local churches. We have lots of new ideas for ministry, plenty of resources to share, new connections to make, great food, powerful worship, and plenty of relational support in store for every attendee!

Attendees, all in church ministry, will gather to worship, participate in learning sessions, wholesome conversation, and prayer, and will be surrounded by other believers all ready to support each other.

Consider this time together as a time of renewal. Hearing conversation about ministry, talking to folks trying experiments in their churches and communities, hearing stories of success and findings in failure, praying with people looking for a partner in ministry, and experiencing the goodness of God in someone’s story is planned to energize you. Our prayer for you is that you will be refreshed, energized, and inspired to do the work God has called you to and gifted you for in the place He has you.

Together, we’ll hear God speak, feel His love and grace, and experience His goodness!

Don in Brazil…

Dear family & friends,
    I spent a beautiful day at Iguacu Falls. There was no rain in the morning and the sun came through, so we were able to walk along the falls on the Argentinian side. We walked about four miles to see the whole falls from one side to the other. I took several photos. I’m attaching one. While walking I saw several birds, including vultures. I was amazed to see swallows flying near the biggest part of the falls named Devil’s Throat. As we walked, we met many coatis, an animal that looks like a raccoon. If they smelled food in your bag, they would jump on you. Not a pleasant experience. Fortunately they didn’t smell the sandwiches I had in my bag.
   In the afternoon I took a boat road ride into one part of the falls called San Martin Island. They said we would get soaked. They were right since the boat went directly into the main flow of the falls. They did it twice to make sure no part of our bodies stayed dry. Even the extra set of clothes I put in my bag got soaked. I thought I had them in a water proof bag. Fortunately my camera and wallet got only a little wet. However, my passport faired a little worse. After going into the falls, we went down the rapids of Iguacu River for several miles. That definitely was a bumpy ride. Then we took a twenty minute ride through the jungle on the open bed of a truck to see more animals. However, the rain was pouring at that time, so got wetter without seeing anything but bush.
   Even though I got soaked, I’m glad I could see the awesome power of God displayed in the falls.
In Christ,
Don Slager
Don Slager – Bible Translation -Don has worked for the CEFL and CRWM on Bible translation, and is now a UBS translation consultant. The entire Bassa Bible was published in 2005. The New Testament was published in 1970. This was a 15-year+ project of translating into the language spoken by people in Liberia.   Don continues to work translating the Bible to various local languages in Liberia. He is currently attending a conference in Brazil.