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Kids Corner
Geared for children age 6—12, the weekly half-hour radio program and web site teach in a contemporary way, the wisdom and the truth of God to the issues and challenges that affect a child’s life. Through audio drama and web resources, children are not only entertained, but are helped to develop an interest in the Bible and in becoming followers of Jesus.

“Lizard-like” character Liz and his friends share adventures and sometimes make bad decisions. But they are guided to Biblical principles by their parents and their favorite neighbors Grandpa Anole and Granny Gecko. These stories entertain and help children make godly choices, trust God, and love and serve others.

Listen to the weekly program
Bible Corner
Free Stuff (i.e Feb – printable valentines)
Parenting Articles



Groundwork is a 25-minute weekly audio program that digs into the big subjects of the Bible. Hosts, Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee, lead listeners in casual yet substantive conversations about practical applications of God’s word in today’s world. Sign up for free weekly email notifications.



FamilyFire is a community of fellow-strugglers in marriage and families, led by Steven & Deb Koster, whose goal is to encourage you and stoke the Holy Spirit’s flame in your home. It exists in live events and retreats, as a Facebook Page, and as a website.  Subscribe for regular email updates or follow on Facebook.

“Stoking the Spirit’s flame at home.”



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