Sunday SCHool logoKing’s Kids, & Teen/Adult Classes for Sunday School are offered  September – May.

We supply Activity Bags for the children to use during our summer worship services.  The nursery is always available for infants & toddlers.

Preschool through 5th grade classes will meet during the King’s Kids time (during our morning worship service) and the children will be dismissed just prior to the sermon.

The Teen/Adult class ~ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS  This combination class will meet most Sundays from 10:45 to 11:45 AM in the meeting room with the round table, the first room on the left as you go down the hall and located across from the kitchen (aka – the Fellowship Room).

The Teen/ Adult lessons stand by themselves, so feel free to join the class even if you can’t make it some of the Sundays!

Teen/Adult classes are an important part of our Sunday School!

Growth is the goal of the Christian.  Maturity is mandatory.  If a child ceased to develop, the parent would be concerned, right?  When a Christian stops growing, help is needed.  If you are the same Christian you were a few months ago, be careful.  You might be wise to get a checkup.  Not on your body, but on your heart. Not a physical, but a spiritual.  Why don’t you check your habits?

Make these four habits regular activities and see what happens:

First, the habit of prayer…Second, the habit of study…Third, the habit of giving… And last of all, the habit of fellowship.


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